Kalahari coffee is a new, beautiful organic coffee brand.

Our organic coffee is roasted CO2-neutral. The olive pits are used when roasting Kalahari Coffee beans. These pits remained after the olives by creating olive oil in the Spanish region of Jaen, Andalusia.


Nothing was done with this pits. It was seen as residual waste and processed as such. After extensive research, it turned out that this was unexpectedly the perfect fuel and C02 neutral: Unique! By the way, the meaning of the name Kalahari is 'great thirst'.


Do you want to give it a try?

Certified Partners

All our beans are grown and harvested in sustainable and ethical way. We only use beans sourced from certifies partners.

C02 Free

Our premium beans are specially roasted to be CO2 free using repurposed biomass which does not affect the flavor at all.

Organic Coffee

By using only organic coffee beans, we avoid the use of chemicals during production and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Biological Fertilizer

With your kind help, we can use the coffee grinds as a biological fertilizer in the production of food crops.

Dark Roast

Full and intense flavor with sweet and chocolaty notes, with hints of cocoa, honey, hazelnut and nuts.

It is a great espresso coffee and very suitable for milk based coffee's.

Light Roast

Full aroma with a fresh, sweet taste with hints of vanilla and honey.

Great blend suitable for diverse coffee varieties.