We are grateful to contribute to funding a SOLAR BORE HOLE at the Donkerbos Primary School and Hostel by our Kalahari coffee

If you want to learn more about our contribution, we cheer you up to read the situation of the Donkerbos Primary School Hostel. Together we can improve the situation of the pupils. 


Pupils that live in Donkerbos Primary School & Hostel had to walked 6 kilometers to the nearest borehole for water supply. they were rationed to two glasses of water a day and they bathed in rainwater in a plastic tub. These conditions affected their health, and some had to attend to a hospital for illness. 


Toilets and showers were built years ago in Donkerbos Primary School & hotel, but they couldn’t use it as there was no water supply. 


At Kalahari coffee we wanted to help improve that situation, that’s why we are grateful to contribute to building a solar borehole (one near the school and the second 450 meters into the bush) that produce more than 15800 liters of water per hour. 


The bore hole will be very helpful to the community, it will supply water to the school, dormitory, and surrounding residents of the settlement. 

With a good working water irrigation system, the garden can provide sufficient vegetables that can be used in the hostel kitchen to provide additional nutrition in the children’s meals. 


We want to help the children by funding the Solar Bore Hole at the Donkerbos Primary School and hostel and create awareness about the warming/water issues in the southern part of Africa particularly in the Kalahari.