The Process of Roasting

Step 1

Green Coffee

It all starts with the buying of our green coffee beans. We only use 100% official sustainable Certified beans which comes from organic estates.

Next to the certifications we also do control checks on good working conditions and fair trading. We limit our transportation by sourcing only green beans from the South-America's and minimise the number of over-land transportation.

Step 2


Kalahari coffee roastery is a specialised biomass coffee roastery. Traditionally coffee beans are roasted with gas fire. With the help of the technical university this biomass roaster was invented. The biomass is coming from olives. By pressing the olives, the pit will end up in the garbage. By frying this this these gives the natural fuel to heat up the roaster. This natural fire gives no smell or aftertaste but gives a great slow-roasted CO2 neutral premium coffee.

Step 3


One the coffee has been roasted, it must be rapidly and progressively cooled to maintain the aromatic and organoleptic substances. This is a key process for achieving the optimal levels of density.

Step 4


We are using and sourcing sustainable foodgrade recyclable materials for our packaging. We prefer paper over plastics.