A positive impact

Kalahari: a fully responsible coffee

Enjoy the best of a premium coffee knowing that everything possible has been done to limit its impact on the planet.


From making sure that all of our suppliers are treated as partners and fairly compensated for their hard efforts, to committing to using only environmentally friendly materials for our packaging, and of course, roasting our beans with carbon biomass (CO2).


We want to do absolutely everything in our power to make the world a better place. Every little action counts.



We were inspired by cave drawings of the San Bushmen and the way of living of the Kalahari residents.


Premium beans specially roasted to be CO2 free using repurposed biomass which does not affect the taste at all.


We ensure that when producing this fine tasting premium coffee, we have done everything to avoid endangering the planet and its living beings.

BIO & RFA Certifications

All our beans are grown and harvested in a sustainable and ethical way. We only use beans sourced from certified partners.

Natural fertilizer

With your kind help we can use the coffee grinds as a biological fertilizer in the production of food crops.

100% Arabica

Kalahari blend is 100% arabica. A perfectly balance coffee with a great aroma and smoothness.

Kalahari Brandname

It is known that there are living people for over thousands of years in the Kalahari. The designs of Kalahari packaging is related to the cave drawings of the San Bushmen who are the Kalahari original residents. There are still living San Bushmen in the Kalahari but the circumstances are getting much harder by the results of global warming and climate changes. Kalahari coffee benefits the residents of the Kalahari region. So every cup of coffee you enjoy, you support the residents of the Kalahari. 

Discover Kalahari Coffee

We believe in creating the perfect coffee that has a possitive impact on your palate and a possitive impact on the planet too. With Kalahari we want to create a fully responsible coffee: recyclable packing, organic coffee and CO2 free roast: Kalahari Coffee with a conscience!

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